mean girls

We are getting towards the end of the school year here and everyone is starting to get a little bit tetchy. My tutor group are just completing


folding paper cranes

There is a girl that I am friends with on Facebook who has had a bit of a mental health issue lately. I don’t know her well but her posts pop up


fun at shakespeare’s globe

Me in hi-vis at The Globe Theatre in London

The kids stare in awe

As the actors are slaughtered,

Blood is splattered

And the gift shop is raided.

the knitting circle

I started a crochet club at school today and it was so much fun. I felt like a few teachers were rolling their eyes and thinking it wasn’t very


the monsters are coming

We finally got the call from OFSTED today, so everyone was running around likecrazy people getting ready to have everything gone through


One year on from the day she left us – deep down we all feel as though she was our nana

She was tired on Thursday afternoon,

And she knew that soon she’d have to leave,

So she packed a handbag with her favourite things:

Some dog treats for the corgis and

A pair of gloves for royal waves to loving crowds,

And don’t forget the sandwich spread with marmalade

We learnt she loved a few months back in June.

She slipped her hat upon her head,

A pair of shiny shoes on feet and off she marched

Up and up on marble steps that led straight to

The clouds and gates where one man waits,

A smile upon his face, and hand outstretched;

‘Welcome Lilibet, my love,’ he whispers in her ear.

‘Now we’ll never be apart – we’ll be very happy here.’

meeting my new classes

I met the first of my new classes today and it was weirdly terrifying. All those feelings that I’m not good enough and that they’ll see straight


oh the beautiful words

I was listening to an audiobook the other day and the lady said the word patina. It was a word I don’t hear very often and for some reason


the penguin march

There has been devestating news coming from Antarctica today as 10,000 emperor penguins have died because the ice caps are melting