Meghan and Harry taking the media to court!?

As a preface to this post I want to just say that I want to start blogging about things in the media a bit more as part of a series. I’m slightly ashamed (but also not ashamed at all) that I love watching drama channels on Youtube. It’s not very good material for the soul but I kind of use it to remind myself of what goes on out there in the internet land. And believe me, you only need to read the comments section to get a flavour, never mind watch the videos!

It seems that spilling the tea and having a really strong opinion about someone that you don’t know is really interesting to a lot of people. But the problem is that none of the opinions of these people are positive. It seems that these channels are just an excuse to lay into somebody and a lot of the time they then argue back and forth, each thinking that their world view is the only valid one. I know I really shouldn’t find this kind of thing interesting, but I do. I don’t find it entertaining, but I definitely do find it interesting!

So I’ve decided to do a kind of reverse-drama channel series where I aim to build somebody up rather than tear them down. Probably won’t have the same level of popularity but at least I’m sending positive little ripples out into the world by doing it.

Of course, the first person to spring to mind was poor Meghan Markle. Now, I can’t even say that I’m a massive fan of the woman but the way that the media have gone to town on her (and Harry) is pretty shocking. Nobody deserves some of the flack that she is getting and I think that she must have some really thick skin to even put up with the half of it. She is a royal and so she should be expected to put up with some press intrusion but it does make me think what the motives are behind the people doing some of the most vicious attacking.

When I behave my worst and say things that aren’t too nice about a person, it’s normally because I’m feeling a little bit jealous and a little bit insecure about myself. And when I read some of the articles that are written about her I get that little niggling feeling at the back of my mind that the person writing it kind of wishes that they were a duchess or that they had their wedding beamed around the world.

The controversy that appears to have struck this morning is that Meghan and Harry have decided to take the Mail to court for publishing a private letter that Meghan wrote to her father. I don’t think that any of us can understand what went on there but there is obviously a lot of hurt and regret that has gone down and I think that papers should definitely respect that. The letter should never have been printed and perhaps legal action is the only way forward for them.

The most scathing attack I have read today came from Piers Morgan who absolutely ripped this woman to bits but interestingly he seemed most angry about the fact that in his own words, she “ghosted” him when she got engaged to Harry. I’m sure that Piers was never her best friend and if there was a genuine friendship there then I’m sure the palace had a lot to do with her not mixing with tabloid types once she was married. I reckon Piers was pretty low down on everyone’s list of worries as they prepared for the wedding, but he seems to think differently and he’s entitled to his opinion.

He also took offence to Harry likening the press intrusion Meghan suffers to that of his late mother, Princess Diana. It might not be the same but she was Harry’s mother and this is his wife and he has obviously loved both of them in equal measure so why can’t he make the comparison. This legal case is about Harry and Meghan’s pain and not how other people feel about Princess Diana. We don’t know any of these people on a truly personal level so I don’t think that we can go on a rant about how he should feel about his own mother.

The truth be told, I’ve never seen Meghan step out of line in the whole time that she has been married. She’s been very graceful and hard working and we only seem to be hating on her because of what the media are telling us to believe about her. She may be an absolute tyrant behind closed doors, but I think that unless we have cold, hard facts then we should take her on face value. She has done nothing wrong and we should allow her to enjoy being a new wife and mother, like any other woman.

I’d like to go a little further and just dedicate a bit of space to praising rather bashing so here’s a few things that I think we should love Meghan for because every woman deserves love and praise for the awesomeness that they put out into the world:

  • She obviously loves her husband and her child and as far as I can see they’re all a really cute little family unit
  • She is a woman of colour in the British royal family and that’s amazing to see
  • She is absolutely beautiful
  • She has already done a phenomenal amount of charity work and is not slowing down with it

So please can we give her a break and I’d like to ask you all to lift her up to the Lord so that her life can be blessed and she can carry on doing the brilliant work that she has started. She may not be perfect but neither am I and I wouldn’t like it if even a fraction of the nasty things she has to put up with were said about me. Let’s start to support women in these prominent roles rather than bash them down and let’s pray to God that more and more women are given the opportunities to do the good that Meghan has.

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future” – Proverbs 31:25

Much Love

Rachel xx

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