Do I need a mentor and where do I find one?

From a very early age we find our way in life by finding somebody to follow and learn from. Whether that be a teacher or a parent or somebody else, there is always someone that we latch onto and copy. We look to them for help and advice and they stop us from veering way off track. But as an adult it’s much harder to find somebody to help us along. We are also left wondering whether or not it’s even necessary to have a mentor.

In my opinion I think that it’s vital to have someone there to lead us. In business and writing and blogging there are so many complexities that it’s almost impossible to navigate your way to the top without the guidance of at least one person. Even if there are some things that you are fabulous at, there will be elements that you will find harder to get to grips with. For example, you may be a great leader and motivator but rubbish at the numbers side of things. In this case, doesn’t it make sense to look up to people who are great in that area?

Mentors can also become close friends and can offer really great emotional support. Some of the women that I have welcomed into my circle have become great confidants and it’s always nice to have a person to go to if you need a good cry over a cup of coffee.

You do want somebody to guide you who you have a good relationship with, but you also need to have a lot of respect for them because you have to be able to trust their instincts and their advice. You have to be sure that they have your best interest in heart so always be careful who you go putting your undivided trust in.

There are some huge advantages to having a close relationship to your mentor but I don’t think that you should worry if you can’t find someone right off the bat. There are so many mentors to be found through books and youtube videos and other blogs. Read books like Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg to get you pumped up to be a powerful woman in business. Look up to these people who have already carved out a place for themselves at the very top of their fields. You never know when you might be there yourself and others will be reading your words in the hope of finding some divine inspiration!

If you are determined to find actual people who you can interact with personally then it’s all about gaining contacts and the only way to do that is to network. Tell people that you have started a business or blog and connect with others who are doing the same thing. These people who are in the trenches with you are the ones that can support you and promote you and you can do the same for them. You can swap tips and warn each other of potential pitfalls and the bigger your network the more chance you have of speaking to the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time.

So, please consider getting somebody in your life that you can look up to because it will push you on to greater things. Business is not really about selling but about connecting and if you can do that really well you’re going to make it big. Go find those special people, listen to them and then pass it on to someone else who needs help just like you did.

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