Becoming a success when you’re just a bit meh

There are so many times in life that I have been brushed off because I’m not ruthless enough. It sometimes feels like you have absolutely no chance of going anywhere if you’re considered too quiet or too sensitive or not as pretty as the other girls. If you’re just described a ‘nice’ it can be bloody hard to rise to the top and I’d really like it to stop. I’d love to be able to join together with other people who have found themselves in the same boat and we can share our experiences and give each other a little boost.

In this video I have a little rant about how angry it makes me that our gifts (which are really valuable) are just discarded and how our soft skills are not appreciated at all. I hope that it resonates with a few people out there and that at least one or two people can join me in my slightly ‘meh’ version of an uprising!

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