Gossip Girl (a poem)

It sucks you in rather like

The moment that the plug is pulled

And the old and dirty water drains,

Swirling and whirling from the bath.

There’s no escape, it’ll all go down.

You cannot stem the flow, no matter what you do.

The words are just the same,

Addictive, moreish and impossible to stop.

Ears prick as thoughtless words begin

To cross the lips of foolish girls

Who know not what they say or do.

They don’t know the pain they cause,

The syllables they think are silly bubbles,

Popping harmlessly before they reach that other girl.

But actually, they’re like a tiny army

Of barbed and deadly spears going on the hunt.

They gather speed and gather mass

Before they find their target.

When they hit they hurt like hell,

Crushing hearts and scratching brains.

Metal on metal screeching loudly

As she crumples inwards like

The messy car wreck that was never wanted.

It was harmless fun, or so they thought

Until that day the gossip killed.

I’ve had so much trouble resisting gossip over the years. It’s such a problem at school and in the work place and it’s so easy to get sucked into it. I’ve described it as being the same as water flowing down a drain; once the plug has been pulled, there is no escaping that pull.

Since I have become a Christian I am so much more aware of my flaws and it helps me to turn to the Bible so that I do not get sucked into these things. I know that if I stay well away then I am safe. If I don’t take those first steps by getting involved and even listening to the gossip, then I am in a much safer position.

I also wanted to use this poem to show where gossip can end up. It can be as destructive as a car crash, killing anyone in its way. What would you do if you found out that your words had been the cause of somebody harming themselves? I know that I couldn’t live with myself and yet we all do it. We all whisper in corners about people that we don’t like or we think that we are better than.

If you have been subjected to bullying and gossip then you will know the pain that it causes, so keep that in mind next time you hear someone mindlessly spreading rumours. Try and be the point where it stops. And if you are being bullied at the moment make sure that you speak to someone. If you’re at school speak to a teacher and if it’s at work go to HR. Nobody needs to put up with it so stay safe and never get to the point where you are considering harming yourself because of it. You are loved and special and you can hold onto that forever and ever.

Much Love,

Rachel xx

A troublemaker plants seeds of strife; gossip separates the best of friends.

Proverbs 16:28

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