The chemistry of love

How do I measure what I’m feeling inside?

Is it with scales or a measuring cup?

Or perhaps it’s a ruler that needs to be used?

It’s hard to say what it is that I’m measuring,

Let alone work out what I should use.

I am told it is love, but love is so……nice.

But this. This hurts like hell, a thump to the chest.

It feels like a drug and this trip is bad,

but drugs can be measured and analysed too.

This just lurks in the system waiting to pounce.

Perhaps if I mix it with acid

It will fizzle away to nothing?

Or what if I combine it with helium

and hope it will float far away?

There must be a tonic or potion

That will start to dissolve my devotion

To the one who is causing me all of this pain.

It’s one hundred percent chemical,

of that I am sure.

But how do I measure the amount I have in me

and does anyone know of a cure?

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