supermarket christmas music

the songs that echo through the aisles

are meant to be so full of joy.

jingle bells and drummer boys,

the stuff of dreams, my drug of choice.

but though the aisles are fit to burst,

inside my heart there is a thirst

for love i crave that now is gone.

it’s only when the festive cheer

makes it so intensely clear

that my life is void and empty,

do i start to notice all

those songs that always do befall

our ears so pink and cold with frost.

to us who are in so much pain

they’re met with so much great disdain.

they sound so hollow to my mind

as i drift through bustling aisles

oblivious to all the smiles

that surround me as i pass.

i wish that i could stop my crying

but the music has me dying

from my broken heart.

This poem is for anyone who has lost somebody close to them this year. Whether that is through death or a broken relationship, it hurts all the same.

I have lost someone this year and as I was trailing around the supermarket today I was struggling to hold back the tears. The music was playing and I knew that I should feel so much joy but it felt like my bottom had dropped out. I felt empty and hollow.

If you are feeling lost and lonely this Christmas, you are not alone. It’s such a hard time of year and you have every right to feel sad. You are much stronger than you think though. You will get through it and it’s perfectly OK if you need to take some time out of the festivities just to catch your breath.

I wish you a fabulous Christmas and my heart is with you if you are struggling.

Much love

Rachel xx

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