am i too broken?

am i too broken

to be deserving of love?

are all of my broken bits

a danger to hold?

the sharp little edges

can easily draw blood.

but if you are brave and ever so bold,

you’ll find that the pieces

still fit together.

if you have patience and plenty of time

then you can make me a beautiful whole,

slightly less dangerous

and the friend to your soul.

I’ve been watching lots of afternoon TV recently and there are so many shows about fixing up items that were either broken or about to go on the tip. I absolutely love these shows because of the reaction of the people when they see their items looking new again. For some it’s as though they are falling in love. There are tears and laughter and hugs for the team who have worked on it.

It really warms my heart in a time when there isn’t a lot out there to make you feel all that warm inside. And it got me thinking about whether or not people are like these heirlooms. Can they be fixed so that they can be loved again?

I sometimes feel like nobody will ever love me again and it can be a really depressing thought. It’s been years since I’ve been in a relationship and even when I’ve been on dates, the guy has always found a reason to move on after a couple of dates.

I hope that one day I will find someone to put together all my pieces and love me entirely. But until then, I will continue to work on being the best person that I possibly can be. I am enough on my own and knowing that is far better than settling for a relationship that is not right for me just to make myself feel whole.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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