the universe gave me a sign today

i often find myself

looking at the stars

and wishing i knew why or what or how or who.

there’s just so much that is unknown

but if you take the time to sit

and really turn your ear

towards the wind, you’ll hear that whisper

telling you to just let go

it’s sink or swim but trust your gut

don’t dig your heels into the mud.

float along, enjoy the ride.

it never was a race,

it never was a tug of war,

it was always meant to be

a gentle push and glide.

so next time you are fighting life,

remember that the universe is always on your side.

Do you ever feel like you’re swimming upstream? Fighting against the current only to end up washed up on the bank while everyone else has sailed through life effortlessly? I have nearly always felt like this.

But today I realised that I’ve just been fighting too hard. From now on, if the universe gives me one of those gentle little nudges, I’m going to let go and see where I end up.

Today I ended my counselling sessions and I have the option to carry on with another therapist but I feel like this is my time to step off the platform and see how I land. It may not end well but I’m going to trust that God or my Higher Power or whatever you want to call it, I’m going to trust that He has my back.

If you feel like you are digging your heels into the mud then maybe you should try letting go and see where you end up. Holding on for dear life uses up so much energy and a lot of that energy could be used really enjoying your life. So join me and let’s leap off into the unknown. There’s always someone to catch you if it goes really bad, but why not give it a go?

Much Love,

Rachel xx

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