the kettle is boiling and now you need to f**k off.

Sometimes it is a little too easy

To forget the damage that was done by you.

It is far too easy when the heat is removed

To forget that pain once the water boils over.

To forget that pain as it scorches my skin.

The hurt, it fades. But the scars, they remain.

It’s only when memories bubble to the top

Breaking the surface with a deafening pop,

Do I see what can happen when I let you back in.

I can see in each sphere, as it fizzes on up,

The clearest of pictures, perfectly held.

It is just enough to induce a terror

I feel every time I think of my error,

In trusting you, in loving you, in letting you in.

But bubbles, they burst, and so do these,

And as I pour these memories from my kettle

I know that all you did was test my mettle.

I often picture memories as bubbles that are settle on the bottom of a container and when they are ready to be released they boil to the top. I try to imagine that each memory is contained inside the bubble and I can almost view it as something that I can hold. It’s fragile though. It can burst at any time, and sometimes that’s a good thing.

As I was writing this I wasn’t sure what the heat represented, but I think that it’s therapy and working on myself. It’s meant that I have had to turn the heat all the way up and let those memories simmer away. It’s quite relieving really.

Maybe you should try boiling away some of the bad things tucked away in your mind. Just be mindful that sometimes it’s hot and it can really hurt when you get burnt. But it’s never quite as painful as your original trauma, and one day it will all be better. I hope and pray that you get that relief.

Much Love,

Rachel xx

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