Stepford Wives

I wish that I had once been told

That every person has their flaws.

They may tilt a head and smile

But pain exists behind closed doors.

If I had known what lay beyond

Those polished doors of red and blue

I would not have spent this life

Trying to be someone new.

Stepford wives are never real

Inside their homes they’re known to cry,

Before they even step outside

Their plastic faces are wiped dry.

God forbid, we ever knew

That circuit boards could sometimes spark

And angry words between two lovers

Come to pass while it is dark.

I spent the entirety of my twenties worrying that everyone was perfect and I was the only one with any flaws. I saw the other school mums who had loving husbands and beautiful houses and I had none of that. It was hard to bear witness to, but it was all a lie.

It took a lot of therapy but I soon realised that we all have problems and a lot of it goes on behind closed doors. Those Stepford Wives that I wanted to be just like, they have arguments with their husbands and their kids sometimes misbehave. It’s human to have ups and downs and none of these people are robots.

We all struggle and it’s especially the case at this time of the year. Even the most put together person is probably going to have a cry at some point this week, so don’t worry about it. Just get your turkey in the oven and enjoy some good food. If you get through it without killing anyone you’ve probably done quite well.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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