storm in a teacup

They told me that really it’s nothing,

A storm in a teacup,

It’ll pass in due course, forgotten so soon.

But the storm, it has worsened

And the cup is destroyed.

Pieces of fine china, flying all over,

Ready to cut and to slice and to dice.

I wish that your anger had never been held

Inside that little cup, so dainty and cute.

Because now it is lethal and there is no end in sight.

It’s the shards that will kill me

As your storm grows in size,

Filling the room with all you despise.

I’m having a relationship issue at the moment and all I want is for it to stop. When it all kicked off, over a year ago, I told everyone that it’ll blow over and be OK. But the person at the eye of this storm has just got more and more angry and everything has got so out of control that I hardly know what’s happening anymore.

It reminded me of the idea of a storm in a teacup. I was always a little bit confused by that expression because I was always worried about what would happen if the storm got bigger. And now it has I can see that it’s become bloody dangerous. I imagine bits of shrapnel flying around all over the place and all I want to do is hide under the furniture and hope it goes away.

The situation has also taught me a lot about hatred and how, for some people, it can just grow and grow until it consumes them. It’s very sad because it must be really painful to hold onto such horrible feelings and it shows that they must have had a lot of pain in their lives.

If you are struggling with forgiveness and holding onto hatred, then perhaps you should try to let go of the rope, just a little bit. Forgiveness eases that pain, even though it’s hard to rebuild trust. And if, like me, you are on the receiving end of somebody’s hate, I hope that you can stand strong and realise that you don’t need to retaliate. Again, just drop the rope and pray that one day the storm will blow itself out.

Much Love,

Rachel xx

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