what should i do if there’s no way out?

There can be times

When your problems appear

Far too big.

They swallow you whole

And when you are in

The depths of its belly

It feels much easier

To just curl up and let

Your life get digested.


But always remember

There’s someone outside

Who is willing to kill

That monster you’re in.

I’m having so many big decisions to make at the moment and it feels like I’m being swallowed whole. It really feels like the problems and choices that I need to make are bigger than me and rather than fight, I just want to give up.

I won’t because I have my son to think of. He keeps me trudging along no matter what, but when I get to one of these dark places some pretty ugly and disturbing thoughts can cross my mind. I think that other people have them too, I just worry that sometimes I’m not strong enough to fight past them. Sometimes, on my way to work, the urge to just drive on and keep going is so intense that I’m quite surprised when I arrive at my destination safely.

I really hope that you are not going through pain at the moment but if you are, do remember that there is always someone who is going to miss you if you are gone. You may not even realise it, but there will be someone. Perhaps it could just be the postman who you say good morning to every day? Whatever the case, there will be someone out there who feels sad that you are no longer there.

Stay strong and make sure that you give yourself time to step back from the problem and look at it from a different perspective. Normally, something that is stressing you out now, will have no impact on you in five years time, so don’t make any rash decisions because you can’t see a way out right now. Talk to people and reach out for help if things are really bad.

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “what should i do if there’s no way out?

  1. potatosandwich

    In life we face problems of different magnitudes. Some can be so overwhelming that indeed you feel like ‘if I drive far enough they will disappear’. Might sound like a clique but a problem is only ever big enough as we allow it to be. Simple method I used in the past was to plot my problems on a piece of paper and have a really good look at them. Majority of them were so silly when I reviewed them that I thought ‘why did I bother in the first place’. But I also appreciate that’s not ‘one size fits all’ especially if your worry is something health related to you or a loved one. But I still believe no problem in your life is greater then you as a person. You will always prevail as victory in the end.

    1. patientandkindlove

      I agree wholeheartedly. I think for me I just need to speak to somebody who can give me some sound financial advice. I’m feeling overwhelmed because I don’t know what to expect. Knowledge is definitely power in this situation!

      1. potatosandwich

        First and foremost, don’t let anything affect your health as that hinders our ability to challenge the problem head on. You are right and equip your toolbox with that knowledge, even if it’s just a little knowhow. I know you’ll crack the problem!!!

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