isn’t poetry lovely?

isn’t poetry

just the loveliest of art forms?

i can make

such a beautiful thing

with nothing but words.

no money or space

for clay or paints,

but an endless array

of ways to sculpt

the letters i love.

I was watching a piece on TV about Grayson Perry the other day. If you are unfamiliar with him, he is an artist whose pottery sells for astronomical prices. However, this wasn’t always the case. He used to make lots of clay creations for people for next to nothing and now he is looking for people to return his early work so that it can be put in a new exhibition.

Watching the segment on TV, it got me thinking about all of the art forms and how poetry is so underrated. When you think about it, we have no costs and we have endless combinations of words that we can play with. If I were a potter I would have to worry about where I could keep my more ugly creations, that nobody wants to see. And then I would have to worry about all the money I had spent to make this hideous pot that I can’t sell on.

As a would be poet I can play around forever. If nobody wants to see what I’ve written then they can just breeze over it. I could pump out fifty poems a day if I so wished and I wouldn’t have to worry about filling my house with them.

Poetry really is the loveliest of art forms.

Much Love,

Rachel xx

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