not really feeling the love on facebook

There’s nothing really any worse

These days

Than getting blocked

By someone you once loved

In that other online world

That’s proudly described

As being social.

It hurts when someone presses ‘block’

And shows you what they really think.

An electric shock

Or a stab in the back

Would feel about the same.

It’s not fucking social.

It’s just a way to split,

To rip apart

And send a haunting message,

That you’re not good enough,

Or loved enough

To make her list of friends.

My mum recently blocked me on Facebook. I went on there the try and wish her a Merry Christmas and I suddenly couldn’t find her. It sent the clearest of messages to me and it hit me harder than anything else that she’s done. It’s funny that blocking me on Facebook was more shocking to me than when she barricaded my son and I out of the house. It just got me thinking about the power of social media and what it apparently means to us. I think it’s really sad but it’s just proven to me that I’m not immune to its effects.

If you are finding it difficult to stay away from nastiness on social media then just take a break from it. It’s really not worth letting it make you feel as upset as I’ve been over this past month. I hope that any relationship problems sort themselves out and that you can find a way forward. I really hope that it all works itself out for me too because I’m struggling and I really feel like I’m limping along towards a finish line that is never getting any closer.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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