be a documentary maker

Do you see that quiet skinny girl?

The one at the back who doesn’t say a word?

She doesn’t wear a tonne of make up,

And all those clothes with flashy labels.

She’s not even the talented one.

There’s nothing there that you would ever notice,

But she’s the girl I go for.

She’s the girl with the story that I want,

A heart of gold and love for everyone.

Those puppy dog eyes hide a hundred disappointments,

That little body will not buckle.

She will be the fearless bubble,

Rising to the surface.

And when she breaks out with a pop

Her past will sink like little pebbles

Never to be seen again.

But I’ll remember, and I’ll dredge them up again.

Because her past is there to make her tough

But also soft and ready to be loved.

Anyone else watching the new Netflix series, Cheer? I am watching it and loving it. However, one thing that has really struck me is the story behind each of the athletes. So many of them have come from difficult backgrounds and yet they have come back from it and become amazing at the sport that they love.

My favourite person on the show is Morgan. She’s the prettiest little thing and the coach says that she is not the most talented on the squad but she is really scrappy and eager to please. Everything the coach asks her to try, she tries. And it’s heartbreaking to see the way she looks up to the coach.

Anyway, my point is that the person who made the documentary showed her story and it really had an impact on me. And I think that’s what good documentary makers do. They pick out the person the viewers will warm to and show them the real story. And my hope is that other people in the world will pick out the ones with these stories, because they are the interesting ones that we can learn from. And that will make the world a nicer place.

So make an effort this week to look past all of the successful robotic people who have had everything handed to them on a plate. Be a documentary maker and look for the people who have chinks in their armour and rich and colourful histories. Get to know them and try to learn something from them. You won’t ever regret taking the time to do that.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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