Kobe Bryant and Grief

To wake and find your whole life changed,

And often for the worse.

They say it eases with the passing of some time,

Like eyes adjusting to a darkened room,

It won’t take long to make out blurry shapes

And navigate your way around

The furniture that’s been there for so long

But now feels like it’s just been put

There in the way to make you stumble and to fall.

But it’s all a load of crap,

You’ll never really see again.

The world will always be

A darker version of the one you used to know.

The chairs and tables move about

To trip you with a terrifying frequency.

It’s cruel to learn the truth,

But once that special person’s gone,

You’ll never have your perfect sight

To guide you through your life again.

The passing of Kobe Bryant is news that has shocked the world. And it has got me thinking a lot about grief. All I can thin about is what his wife must be feeling now, to have lost both a husband and a daughter so suddenly and so tragically.

I can imagine that her world is feeling very dark right now and I am sure that there are a lot of well meaning people telling her that things will get better and that time is a great healer. While this is true, I do think that something so awful leaves a mark on a person that cannot ever be erased. I think that once something so awful happens, your world is always a little darker. And furthermore, it feels like people are deliberately moving around the furniture to make your life even harder.

If you have lost someone, I really hope that you are healing, but don’t feel bad if you are still suffering years down the line. Grief is something that can hit you at any point along your journey and you must accept the emotion and work with it; pushing it down and pretending it is not there is unhealthy and it will only come back to haunt you.

Much Love,

Rachel xx

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