one tiny blissful moment

It’s important to carve

Out the space to reflect

On the fact that you may

Not be so perfect


Go out in the world

And stretch out your arms

Breathe in great lungfuls air

And marvel at all of the stars.


You’ll rise up above

The person you started to hate,

So go out and live

Before you realise it’s too late.

When I was going through a really confusing time I took some time out and went running in the Scottish Highlands. If you have never been there, it is the most beautiful place you can imagine.

I spent about twelve hours a day running. I was away from internet connection and people and buildings and I was just left with nature. And there was a moment when it was dark that I just stopped. I looked up at the sky and there were stars in every direction that I looked.

I suddenly had clarity, which probably sounds really cheesy, but it’s true. I had the space to really take a look at myself and my place in the world. It was both scary and freeing.

If you are feeling a bit lost in the world, go out into nature and enjoy the freedom. Take the time to look at the stars and realise how fucking small we are. We have this massive world to love and care for and there are seven billion people out there who we could potentially meet and love and influence and have a positive impact on.

My moment in Scotland, when I stopped running will be something that I remember for the rest of my life. I’m lucky to have a really active lifestyle so I have several of these moments but I wanted to share this because I feel like it’s a place I want to go to in my mind at the moment. It was pure bliss and I wish that for everyone.

Love and Light,

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “one tiny blissful moment

  1. Gina

    yes just go out there, a hard first step but worth it. I have dreamed of Inverness, in winter of course and the beauty of a winter run. You just added to the serenity of my dream.

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