high school reunion

Sitting side by side, no words pass

As the windscreen’s battered by the rain

I still hear music echo in my mind

It was loud in there, too loud to think

But leaving while the party swung

Would look uncouth, I’d be seen as rude

I saw it though, so how could I stay

I ran with handbag held aloft

To shelter from the driving rain

You followed close behind, you had the keys

Confused and angry, embarrassed, you said

slamming the car door shut behind

I don’t have words for you and so we sit

In silent anger, remembering the look

That passed between the two of you

The two of you who hadn’t seen each other

Since your days at school

And now she wears the shapely dress

A red and flaming beacon

In amongst those faceless shapes

That danced across the floor

I knew that it could be the end

And so I ran because

It’s the only thing I know to do.

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