you’ve been verified

Am I even a worthwhile human

If nobody knows my name?

What if I find myself

Lying on my death bed

And realising that I

Have never been verified?

Because what is the point of this life

Without a little blue tick

On Twitter or Insta?


But would that blue tick

Have made me much happier?

Or in this cruel world

Does it just make you sick?

I have been watching Love Island on catch up TV. I know this will probably lower me in most people’s estimation, but I love a bit of mindless TV when I’m doing my crochet and trying to unwind.

But watching it has made me think a little bit about why people go on shows like that. A lot of it is down to getting some fame, but I have started to wonder at what cost?

There have been a couple of suicides linked to the show over the last year or two. Although nobody can say that the show was the cause, it makes me think that sometimes the instant fame might be a little too much for some people.

I hope that we won’t continue to live in a world where fame and followers are people’s number one obsession because it’s really not the answer. Happiness comes from within and I think sometimes people don’t realise that at all.

So remember that a blue verification tick isn’t going to solve all of your problems. surround yourself with good people and do things with your time that make you truly happy. Yes, you do have to work but work to live rather than the other way around (unless you’re lucky enough to have a job you really love, of course).

Be Happy

Rachel xx

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