speaking in tongues

They speak in tongues

As they bowl their way down

Yellow painted corridors

Elbows in ribs

And raucous shouts.

But what is a Tik Tok

If it’s not the sound of a clock?

And since when is a Fornite

Not the name for two weeks?

I feel way out my depth

As I stand to one side

And let the group pass.

I’m just a ghost

Not worth the space

Cos I’m just too old

To know what they say.

I visited a school the other day to get a taste for teaching. It was a really great experience and has made me really keen to get into the profession.

BUT I did feel incredibly old. There was a whole new language that they used that I didn’t understand in the slightest. The number of websites and TV programmes and music artists that I don’t know is astounding.

And it made me feel really old! I remember being a kid and just rolling my eyes at my teachers and parents when they didn’t know what we were talking about. But now I’m on the receiving end of the eye rolls.

I think that if I do get into teaching I probably need to switch back to Radio One!

Much Love

Rachel xx

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