coping badly with change

Do you remember those days as kids,

Welly boots on and wading through streams

With fishing nets slung over shoulders

And minnows in washed up jam jars?

I never thought for a moment back then

That life would be changed with age.

We’d all just remain at that innocent stage

And never be worried by bills or break ups

Or casual flings and steamier make ups.

But life is not life without constant change

And if you’re not willing to bend, you break.

So I’m limbering up for the next big surprise

Because change is best suited to the fittest

And only the fittest survive.

I put my hand up and freely admit that I am terrible when it comes to accepting change. I love routine and as soon as somebody tells me I need to change something it completely unbalances me.

There is no problem with liking routine, but it does become a problem when change is frightening (which it can be for me). I’m always convinced that the change has been introduced to catch me out and get me into trouble.

I’m sure there must be loads of people out there who find it as crippling as I do and I can sympathise with you wholeheartedly. It makes world situations almost impossible because every time a new manager comes in they want to ‘shake things up’ or ‘put their own stamp on the place.’

I know how important being open to change is to live a normal and productive life, so I do really push myself to embrace it. It’s easier said than done, but I’ve had lots of changes happen over the last six months and I’ve (sort of) handled them ok.

My point is that in nature it is the species that adapt to change that survive the best, so it makes sense for us humans to be open to change. It’s often that first step into the unknown that’s the hardest and once you’ve done that you find yourself looking back and wondering what all the fuss was about.

We’re all in this together and most people only try new things to improve the world; not make it worse. So exercise a little bit of trust and join me in giving some of these new things a go. You never know, we might just enjoy ourselves!

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “coping badly with change

  1. ceponatia

    I’m the opposite but not necessarily in a good way. I crave things to be chaotic and always in flux. If they aren’t, I get this gut feeling that I’m not making any progress. I have blown up my life many times just to make things different. Lol

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