there’s always a glimmer

of hope in every day,

even when the world tells you

that you need to be slimmer,

your light needs to be a bit dimmer,

need to be a goddamn winner.

I can’t be half these things,

but I know for sure

that there’s always gonna be a glimmer

of hope.

We’re going through a bit of a rocky patch at the moment and it’s all doom and gloom every time we switch on the TV. It’s enough to put anyone in a dark place because it’s downright scary.

But, we have to remember that in any bad situation there will always be a glimmer of hope. There will always be some good news somewhere, or something to make you smile. And we need to hang onto this tightly.

I interviewed for a new job on Thursday and they rang me back within a couple of hours and offered me the role. It was so exciting and it offered me that little bit of hope. I hope that there are some good things that are going on for you to help you through these tough times.

Much Love,

Rachel xx

7 thoughts on “glimmer

  1. Chagall

    Good luck in the new job. Surely it will be a unique orientation and ramp-up to the new role, but over time it will even out. The Patient part of your site name is perhaps most important now. Peace and health. —CC

      1. Chagall

        Absolutely. And you will be a fond memory for 30 X 34 year olds, 3 decades down the line. Peace and health. Teach and care for them well. —CC

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