I can hold your hand

And tell you that it’s all OK

But is that really any good?

What is needed is a friend

Who has felt what you have felt.

One who’s been through something tough

And understands how hard it is

To live a life the same as you,

A person who can truly say #metoo.

Ooof! Things are just getting more and more intense as we go through this together. However, we all have our other struggles that we are battling and when you pair those with the virus, it’s enough for people to overflow with anxiety.

I’m hearing some terrible stories about people getting ill or having relationship problems during this crisis and they all must feel so lonely at this time. And what most people need in these times is someone to say the most powerful words we have at our disposal, me too.

It’s great to offer support to someone who is struggling but we always feel so much more comforted when we know that someone else has been through what we have and that they can truly identify with us. I don’t know why we are wired this way, but it almost feels soothing to know others have felt the pain I have.

I am going through a difficult time with my mother and just going on YouTube and reading some comments written by others whose relationships have broken down eased some of my pain. I think that I need to know that other people can go through the pain that I’m feeling and make it out the other side. Whatever the reason, I know that reading random comments was more soothing than talking to one of my close friends precisely because we could say me too.

So, if you are struggling with anything try and find some people that are in the same boat. I don’t really think that YouTube comments are always the best way forward but today it helped me! Some of the more helpful places would be support groups and the like.

Stay safe and fish out those people that are just like you, they’ll make you feel sane in a really crazy world.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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