no returns and no refunds

I’ve ordered several things I do not want

Or like.

There was the coat that was too tight,

It’s plastic zipper straining at the seams.

The waffle maker breaking on day one,

And the shoes I never wore.

I could have sent them back,

Got my refund,

Tried out something else.

But now that I have something that I really hate,

Something none of us can send back in the post,

I wonder how I’ll deal with that?

I can’t stuff this one in a closet,

Close the doors and try forgetting that it’s there.

This, I have to hold on to,

I have to see it through,

Make friends with it.

It’s hard to love a thing that terrifies our human soul,

But sometimes it is necessary

For us to learn,

To grow,

And change our ways that went unquestioned

For longer than they should.

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