a sense of occasion

She carefully picks her dress,

Not white like wedding days

But emerald green

For growth and civil harmony.

She wants to play with pearls

That hang around her neck

But she mustn’t show her nerves,

So many years

And still she feels the knot

Of fear reminding her

That when all is said and done

She still is human,

She still is one of us.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m a big lover of the Queen. And I know that when she makes a speech I feel that I have an obligation to watch it. I know that people who are against the Royals will hate me for saying it, but she is the head of state, I am one of her subjects, and I have a lot of respect for her.

Anyway, we had a speech televised tonight and I have to say it was really strange. Normally we only see her when she does her speech at Christmas. Other than those messages I have only seen three speeches that I can remember in my thirty five years on this planet.

So, it really brought home how serious things have become. I obviously knew that things were serious already, but hearing the Queen speaking tonight, really made me feel like this is a war that we have to beat together.

It also made me think how the Queen must feel when she takes the decision to make a speech. It must have a real sense of occasion and I can imagine everything from the colour that she wears to every word that she says is pored over beforehand.

We have to remember that she is almost ninety four years old and I can imagine that this is taking its toll on her and her husband. She may be our reigning monarch but she is still human. I, for one, am praying that we all come through this catastrophic event that has gripped the whole world.

Love each other and stay home!

Much Love

Rachel xx

6 thoughts on “a sense of occasion

  1. Nick

    This is wonderful. I wanted to write about the moment, but now I don’t have to – you’ve expressed everything so well.

  2. danatheactress

    I’m an American, but I have British heritage & a lot of respect for the royal family! I hope Prince Charles recovers nicely & everyone in the royal family stays safe!

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