things are getting worse

We write our words to make some sense

Of a world that always seemed

So much at odds with what we want,

With what we need to be alive.

But suddenly it’s not just poets,

Painters and the music men

Who need to chisel life

Into something beautiful,

Into something meaningful.

Now it’s every man clinging to the art

In the desperate hope that we

Can help them through

This dark, chaotic time.

So, things just seem to get darker and darker, and then when you think it’s got as bad as it can be, it gets a little bit worse. Today we got the terrible news that our Prime Minister has gone into intensive care with COVID-19 symptoms.

I know that we can all start getting political in times of crisis, but when somebody is dangerously ill I think that it’s time for us all to pull together and hope for the best. And I think that most decent British citizens are united in feeling very concerned for him.

I did want to write about the fact that this news has come when we’re already feeling the strain and it can sometimes feel a bit disorientating. And I think that at any time it’s the artists of the world that are grappling to make sense of the world.

However, at times like this, I think that the chaos makes everyone want to cling to art as a calming and clarifying influence. For example, when Princess Diana died it was Elton John’s song that resonated with the entire nation.

However you are feeling about what is going on and whatever you are using to cope with it, I hope that you are staying safe and loving each other and staying home when you can.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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