Little pistons fire at will,

Connections sparking

When we least expect.

And when they do

The memories come

Flooding through the gates

In tender bubbles

Each containing

Something special,

Something hidden

For so long.

I don’t know whether it’s the stress or the lack of routine but I’m getting a lot of really random memories bubbling up to the surface at the moment. I’ve heard people saying they are having strange dreams, but I seem to be getting random rememberings.

I have always been fascinated by how the brain works and as far as I understand, all of these memories are stored in our brains forever. It just takes something to make connections within the brain and our memory bank will summon that thing that we thought we had forgotten.

Does anyone else suddenly have a really strong memory from childhood that just pops up out of nowhere? It’s even more surprising when it’s something really mundane, and all of a sudden I’m left thinking that maybe that moment had more of an impact on me than I first thought.

I remember once, a boss of mine from South Africa asked if I had visited the 50m pool on the seafront in Durban (I’d also lived there eight years previously). I could not recall any pool being on the seafront at all. So this guy called up a photo on Google and something in my brain just clicked. All of a sudden a whole flood of memories came back and it turned out I’d spent a really happy summer afternoon there with friends. Why had it been blocked from my memory, to the point that I could remember no pool at all?

Anyway, it’s just something I’ve been noticing over the past few days and weeks. It could just be the madness of lockdown setting in. I’d love to know other people’s experiences of memories re-emerging. Anyone had hypnotherapy or anything of the kind to pull up memories?

Stay safe and stay at home,

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “memories

  1. Greg Dennison

    I haven’t experienced anything like that lately specifically, but in digging around my memory while planning my blog, I’ve remembered things and people from 25 years ago that I had pretty much forgotten. It’s been interesting.

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