something good

The bomb, it fell on such a sunny day,

The town’s inhabitants,

They didn’t see it coming.

And when it fell they all cried out

That life would end right there and then.

But dust soon settles on its own

And when the people crawled from hiding

Blinking in the glaring sun

They saw that something strange had happened.

Roads and buildings disappeared,

And in their places, flowers, fields and trees.

The people had forgotten what their money’s for

And so they learnt to help and share.

In short, the very thing that ended life

As the people knew it,

The thing they feared and thought would make

Their lives unbearable,

It really brought about the change

That many needed and indeed

Unknowingly they craved.

Now I’m not saying that this outbreak isn’t terrible. People are losing their lives and it’s scary and heartbreaking. But I just wanted to write this poem so that we can appreciate the fact that there will be some good things that come out of this and perhaps we need to hold onto these things while we go through the worst of this awful time.

I’m talking about the fact that we have #ClapForCarers which has brought neighbours together who have probably never spoken to one another. I know of neighbourhoods setting up Whatsapp groups to share lighthearted stuff and to ensure that vulnerable members are looked after.

People are volunteering on a scale like never before there are some unbelieveable acts of kindness going on. It’s really beautiful to see.

There’s also the possibility that this could all change our behaviour once we’ve come out of lockdown. For example, families will not take each other for granted and will cherish hugs and time spent physically together. Also, people are spending time doing things that are free and realising that their kids don’t actually care, so maybe we’ll slow down at work and worry less about having the best of everything.

Again, I know that this is a really shitty time but if we’re going to stay afloat I think it’s important to think of all the good things that could come out of this.

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “something good

  1. Mike

    I too am conflicted about all of this. On the one hand, there is even more suffering – on the other, the new kindness that you speak of, and the recognition that our system was broken, and might have needed to break even more before it could mend again into something better.

    There will be those who will call this some kind of naive, but I know you are not at all alone in hoping that we might have been delivered a kind of needed course correction. I don’t know what the future holds, but when have we ever really known anyway? Any given one of us has always had only so much time left. It feels like a wake-up call.

  2. potatosandwich

    There’s nothing wrong with trying to find the positives out of a negative situation. While I can’t for one minute understand the pain someone must be going through, having lost a loved one to this horrible virus, we maybe have to accept that in the inevitable that we won’t be around forever, this just became a reason. We all want to go one day as dignified as possible but who knows how it will end for us. Walking to work, riding a bike, sleeping in bed, dieing of a disease?? In the wider context this has become a wake up call to save the next generation before it went too far. Just my personal thoughts.

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