i don’t think i know the answer to that one

The teacher taps the ruler on his desk.

That face, the look of disapproval

As the class begins to snicker.

Heat begins to flood my cheeks

As soon I realise numbers gone

And words have vanished from my mind.

My brain just tries to claw them back

But they have scattered

Just like spiders in the dark.

Ever had that feeling that you are so far out of your depth that you would rather just die than carry on? I know I have and it’s the most uncomfortable thing ever. But people do react to this situation in very different ways.

For me, I go to pieces. When I know that I’m out of my depth I tend to just burst into tears and all I want to do is run away from the situation. However, watching the news I’m seeing that politicians deal with this in a completely different way.

The politicians are trying to answer questions that are just impossible to answer but they still seem to be trying. I am actually enjoying watching them struggle through the discomfort. Why don’t they just say that they don’t know? Wouldn’t the public have more respect for them if they just told the truth?

The current situation is something that we have never encountered before, so these people can’t possibly know what the future holds and yet they try to make it look as though they know exactly what is happening.

I’d quite like to see one of our leaders taking a leaf out of my book and for them to just start crying at the podium. That would be a turn up for the books!

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “i don’t think i know the answer to that one

  1. potatosandwich

    Rishi in my view has quite well but Preeti Patel was so very bullish in her press conference the other day. And then to go and goof up the numbers…..not sure on that one!

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