where dreams go to die

There’s a room, somewhere out there,

In the ether, a place you can’t see;

It’s bare and it’s cold and clinical too.

It’s a room where the dreams go

When they’re ready to check out,

The dreams that were big and exciting

And so full of promise when they were young,

But things got hard and soon they would slip

And before it was realised

The dream had become old

And forgotten and tired.

Dream after dream would drift slowly away

To the room with no name

Where they curled up in corners

And finally expired.

I sometimes worry that things will slip over lockdown. It suddenly feels like just staying alive and sane is an achievement, so the idea of actually getting big things done and making dreams come true sometimes seems laughable.

But we do need to keep going because this is just a bump in the road and things will start to return to normal, even if that is a new normal. It’s important to exercise some self care, but don’t give up because things have got a little bit harder.

It’s so sad to think of all the dreams that might be going to waste in this time. I do like to think of my dreams as living things and I don’t want to neglect them and let them die in that horrible room. I might only do a little thing each day, but just the smallest amount of work is a step in the right direction and it keeps my dreams alive and kicking!

Hold onto you dreams too,

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “where dreams go to die

  1. Christopher Perry

    A sad reflective poem. The slowness of this time, the sameness of the days, is a challenge. Everything is changing, yes. Dreams too. Many dreams will fade, but new ones will emerge from the mist, I am sure.

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