olympic dreams

It’ll be a special day

When the torch can reach its home

And a thousand dreams are made

As all will turn and gladly stare

At those holy rings of hope

That stand for so much more than sport;

This time round they’ll stand for love

In a brand new world that’s glad to be

Standing firm, all as one.

I was so looking forward to the Olympics. I was a swimmer as a kid and I dreamed of making the Olympics, so I get so emotional watching those that actually make it there. And to watch people win a gold medal after four years of hard work, is enough to break me.

Of course, this year the Olympics are no more. Although this is really sad and probably hugely frustrating for the athletes, it means that when the rescheduled event rolls around it will seem even more special to everyone.

After the year that we are all having, I think that the Olympics will come as a welcome event where the world can come together and celebrate a common thing, as one.

Sport does seem to have that ability to heal wounds and I really hope that the Olympics can do this for everyone next year. I can imagine that the opening ceremony, when all of the athletes are in the stadium and there are fireworks going off, will be really emotional. For me, it will feel like a sign that we can finally breathe a sigh of relief and start looking forward to a future that seems so uncertain at the moment.

There are probably a million different things that people are looking forward to when this is all over. But for me, sport is that thing and I can’t wait to watch dreams come true after all of these dreams being dashed over the course of this year.

Much Love

Rachel xx

11 thoughts on “olympic dreams

  1. Ramil Hinolan

    The Olympics is one special event that every nation is waiting. It is really every athlete dream to participate in this .competition. Cannot wait to see it on TV.

  2. World In Eyes

    We will see Olympic next year even best from all………. this time olympic can’t be held…… so much sadness we can’t see olympic this time.

  3. tweenselmom

    I love watching the Olympics with my family, and one of the reasons is because the competitors have inspiring backstories and have truly worked hard to be where they are now.

  4. maartjevansandwijk

    I’m not really into sports and never watch the Olympics but I do agree that it’s going to be a great moment when they do start the games because it means we’ve gotten through the worst!

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