stop lying to us

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Stop lying to us,

Or whatever it is you want to call it.

Some would use the words

To twist or bend or shape

To ones own view of a world

That’s already uncertain in its terms.

None of us can possibly know,

So stop telling us that you do.

We’d rather hear you say the words

“I haven’t got a clue.”

I feel for people in power because I get that we don’t always have the answers and these are the people that are supposed to have them. They are the people that we all look to and the people we criticise for not making the right decisions.

But in a global pandemic, when there is a new virus doing the rounds, nobody can know the answers. We are all just winging it and yet there are so many ‘experts’ on the TV at the moment, all of them clamouring to tell us that they have had the right answers all along.

Please stop lying to us. If you don’t know the answers or you’ve made mistakes in the past few weeks and months, hold your hands up and just tell us.

It’s a difficult thing to do and I know that I have a habit of trying to gloss over my mistakes or just outright lie about making them. I guess this pandemic has the power to teach us all a thing or two about ourselves and hopefully we can change for the better as we come out of this.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “stop lying to us

  1. Greg Dennison

    Good point. And also stop trying to make people more miserable than necessary just so you can blame all of this on your political opponents. (That seems to be happening a lot where I am.)

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