anyone else watching weird stuff on the tv?

I’m finding myself watching

The strangest of things.

Lots of rubbish on QVC

Selling everything from

Trainers to tea.

I stumbled across

Some guy called Bob Ross

And I found myself transfixed

By his big afro hair

And his soft soothing voice.

The TV’s become

A portal to the world

And I now have new shoes

And a painting on my wall

That I made on my own.

5 thoughts on “anyone else watching weird stuff on the tv?

  1. ceponatia

    I recently signed up for a VPN so I now have access to every country’s Netflix service. Plenty of weird things to watch, haha. Not QVC, though. I’ve never been able to sit through more than a minute of it.

  2. ThisWeirdChick'sBlog

    My husband loves Bob Ross. He has a few of his videos. I would love to see your painting. 🙂

    I’ve been watching old stuff like: Xena – Warrior Princess, Bewitched, and reruns of my ghost shows. Found some new shows I’d never heard of on Netflix called: The Witcher, Grace and Frankie, and Lost in Space (It’s a remake.).

    It’s hard fighting this boredom, but saving lives makes it so worth it. Great post. 🙂

  3. potatosandwich

    I have reduced my tv time to like 1hr a day, and that’s not by regime – just that as there is no sport, I don’t bother anymore. But have started watching the new look Chase programme, that looks pretty good.

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