thrown under the bus

It’s dark under here,

And, of course,

There are wheels that are famous

For going round and around.

I imagine they will hurt

When they run through my body,

Splintering ribs

And pushing out air

With the life that I had,

That I thought that I loved.

Oh, how I long not to get political on my blog! But it’s so hard to keep your mouth shut when you’re fuming. Am I right? So, on that note, I did want to take a moment to acknowledge the phenomenon that is ‘throwing somebody under the bus’.

I’m seeing it happening so much on the news at the moment. And unfortunately it seems to be the scientists and other experts who are falling victim while the politicians strut around like they knew the answer all along.

Yesterday the UK became the worst affected European country in this pandemic and yet our headlines are all about a scientist who visited the woman he is having an affair with. Now, I don’t agree with breaking rules and I have real problems with affairs BUT it seemed like the government were just using this as a way to deflect from the shit show that is taking place on their watch.

But, in saying that, I do think that it’s a very human reaction to stress. The ministers are making life and death decisions and are probably working seven days a week; they are under an enormous amount of pressure. And pressure is what causes these knee jerk reactions.

I’m sure we’ve all had bosses that have appeared to be way out of their depth and then when the shit hits the fan they turn around and put all the blame on you to save their own skin.

So, although my blood is boiling at the moment, I can see why these things are happening. I think these ministers are scared about what is going to happen to them when the dust settles and some serious questions are asked of them. But what they need to remember is that these scientists love their job and value their reputation. Using them as a scapegoat will wreck everything they have worked for.

I think that we’re all learning so much about human nature and our own flaws during this turbulent time. Perhaps, when we come out at the other end we could start to take a bit more responsibility for our own mistakes. It’s a bloody hard thing to do, to swallow your pride, but I think we’ll all earn a little more respect if we do.

Much Love

Rachel xx

6 thoughts on “thrown under the bus

  1. Nick

    This is so true, sadly, and really well observed. It reminds me of the phrase ‘a good day to bury bad news’, which was one of the worst phrases in modern political spin 😳

  2. cyncoed

    . You’re right and you make some really good points. We really don’t need the blame game at the moment, and I think we’re all suffering from news fatigue, because it’s the same story, day after day. There are a lot of fingers pointing in a lot of directions at the moment, and it’s always a bit worrying when they say that so and so was the best authority in the world and that we were so lucky to have such an expert in his field at this worrying time, but he had to go because he broke the rules….if he is the best, perhaps give him a financial slap on the wrist (donate proceeds to NHS?) and tell him we’ll forgive him if practically no-one else dies, or something along those lines. Problem is, we’ve only got the government’s word that he’s the best and that they’re following the best advice, and the truth is that we’ve ended up with the highest death rate in Europe. I do believe that they’re doing the best they can but I think we’re only really going to know who was actually giving the right advice at the right time when the dust settles and, until that time, we just have to try to stay positive and follow the advice that we’re given.

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