we will meet again

It’s sometimes hard to think about

The way it could have been,

The way it should have been

If things had gone to plan.

It hurts to think of all the love

That could have leapt between us all

Like lightning bolts dancing in the night.

It’s sometimes best to store away

The hopes of streets all lined

With people, side by side.

Better to just hide them in

A pretty box all tied in bows

And hope that one day very soon

We can take them out and then

One day we will meet again.

It’s VE Day today and we should be all having street parties and celebrating peace and the fact that we have never had to live through the horrors of a World War.

However, because of this virus, we are all still inside and just watching the TV. It was the strangest thing to watch the Red Arrows doing their fly by over London when there was nobody out to cheer them over. Normally, the red arrows are greeted by thousands of people that crowd The Mall leading up to Buckingham Palace; and today it was eerily empty.

This situation has given the Vera Lynn song new meaning because we are all waiting for the day that we’ll meet again, even though this song was written about what people were going through during wartime.

I think that sometimes it’s best to not think about all the things we are missing out on on gloriously sunny days like today. I think that we need to put it all away, live in the moment that we have, and really appreciate the things like street parties when we get them back. What a gift they will be.

Much Love,

Rachel xx

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