i think i might be a bit shallow

I think I might be a bit shallow

Because I love to judge a book

By just how beautiful

The cover has been made.

Hardback, with pretty little end papers

That give the most subtle of clues.

Where will the story go?

And will my main character

Kiss the girl at the end?

The most beautiful of books

All stand on show

Like a catwalk of models

While their uglier sisters

Hide just behind them,

Make up brushes in hand

And jealousy burning

Through their sepia pages.

Yes, you can call it quite shallow

But I cherish these beauties

Regardless of content.

Does anyone else really love a pretty book cover? As an avid reader the stories that I love, they colour my world, but the covers that colour my shelves are almost as important.

I have read some books that I’ve hated but I have kept hold of the physical copy purely because the cover is beautiful. And I live in a tiny little flat so I have to be very selective about what I keep and what gets shipped off to the charity shop.

I have a particular thing about end papers. I think that they can be the most beautiful thing about a book and I would love to design them for publishers. It’s one of those weird jobs that you can’t tell people you would like to do because they would look at you like you’re a bit odd.

I’m sure that loads of you have something in your life that makes you feel a bit shallow. Perhaps it’s not being able to leave the house without make up. But if you love the art of putting it on and get genuine pleasure from experimenting with it, then is it really shallow? I don’t think so at all.

In these times we should be hanging onto anything that brings us joy and things that are pleasing to the eye are an important part of that. Take pleasure in these little things and don’t feel ashamed and I’m telling you this as I rearrange my bookshelf into rainbow order.

Much Love

Rachel xx

19 thoughts on “i think i might be a bit shallow

  1. nickreeves

    posting my stuff on WP
    makes me feel shallow.
    but then sometimes
    i think, what the hell –
    it’s worth it!

    thank you for a great post.

    1. d.a.simpsonwriter

      I think many feel that about their posts but it’s always good to post anyway, for the exercise and because it gives a sense of achievement and it impacts others too. Keep up the good work

  2. d.a.simpsonwriter

    Very well evoked. I think it’s true about other things too. On a trivial note, the posher the crisp packet the better the contents apparently. It probably applies to many things.

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