go on and have a dunk

Do you remember how we used to sit

Side by side, under eaves that heaved with rain

Holding mugs of tea to warm

Our frozen fingers, numb with cold

We’d laugh in notes of C and D,

Sharp and hard, but also soft with love.

I knew we’d always stay as one

As we dunked our custard creams

In cloudy cups of milky tea,

I watched as crumbs broke off and sank,

It should have made my stomach turn

But something held my eyes on you

As dregs were tipped and wiping sleeves

Across your mouth you smiled that smile

That told me what I needed know.

Just browsing Twitter and I noticed a post by Dan Walker from BBC Breakfast. I have a bunch of weird celebrity crushes and he is one of them, hence the reason I am following him in amongst a whole load of poets.

Anyway, Dan had posted that it was National Biscuit Day (Cookie Day for those of you over the pond) and I just felt the need to write something about biscuits and dunking. There’s just something quite magical about sharing a cuppa with someone you love while dunking a whole plate of biscuits.

It’s such a childlike thing to do and yet we feel that it’s a deal breaker in a relationship. What if he doesn’t like Hobnobs? Could I see past this and live a long and lovely life with a fig roll lover?

Have a dunk with friends today and maybe you might just find the love of your life. The love of mine is definitely custard creams!

Much Love

Rachel xx

7 thoughts on “go on and have a dunk

  1. potatosandwich

    National Biscuit Day! Well I did have a biscuit, it was a digestive. If I remember correctly, there was the biscuit championships a few years back? I think Bourbons battled it out with Custard Creams maybe?? Two other solid contenders đŸ™‚
    Have a nice weekend

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