bad education

Fumbling in oppressive dark

I’m never sure that light was ever there.

I thought that eyes could see in this

But now I know the deep impossibility,

The pure ridiculousness

At thinking I could understand

Without the words, the books to seep

My brain in til it boils with fierce

And ever present flies on fire

That flit about inside my skull,

Their flame lit bodies shining light

Through newly opened eyes.

I feel really uneducated and that is one feeling that I really don’t enjoy. There are terrible things going on in the US and I want to comment but I feel that my woeful understanding of the situation prevents me from saying anything.

I can say that what I saw done to George Floyd is disgusting and the protests are moving and scary at the same time. However, I have no real understanding of the history behind all of the unrest and it makes me feel uneasy about saying anything.

I saw that people on social media were posting a black slate and it was being criticised as being too passive, or it was somehow muting another section of society. But when you’re scared of saying something wrong, is it better to just stay quiet?

I feel like I’m in a really awkward position because I understand that something needs to be done but I don’t know enough to say what. And that’s the crux of this post: what do you say or do, when you haven’t got the education to understand everything that is going on?

It has shown me that I have a lot to learn about the world and I wonder if other people feel as uncomfortable as I do when they are fumbling around in the darkness? And what issues do I start to learn about first? There are so many bad things going on in the world that I could read for a lifetime and still only scratch the surface.

I think that with all the shit that we are seeing in the news we owe it to ourselves to be more aware so that we can take an active stand in life. However, we always need to be educated because wading in when you don’t know the facts can be a recipe for disaster.

I hope that other people are looking around at the moment and feeling as uncomfortable as I am. I hope that these events are encouraging you to no longer live in darkness. It’s not a good place to be and not caring and living in ignorance is not really acceptable right now.

Take care out there and love at every opportunity that you get.

Much Love

Rachel xx

9 thoughts on “bad education

  1. ThisWeirdChick'sBlog

    I live in the US, and the one thing I wish everyone would understand is all the looting and setting fires to buildings and cars is not being done by the peaceful protesters. This mob of people are opportunists who use the cover of our protests as an open opportunity to reek havoc in our communities and shed a bad light on the positive meaning of our protests.

    Pay attention to the clips that show windows in store fronts being smashed and broken. I have seen more white people who are guilty of doing this, then black people. These anarchists come with only one thought in mind, to make the protest violent.

    We are currently on a curfew, until Friday, because these hoodlums attacked a lot of our local stores Sunday night, and I live just a few blocks away. Let me tell you, it has been scary.

    Why is this all happening? It comes down to racism and equality, and as long as we have a bully in charge of our country, it’s never going to get better. That’s the sad part really. It sure makes me wish I could move to another country because we’re laughing stock of the world.

    Great post. Well said.

    1. patientandkindlove

      Thank you, and I agree that the leadership of a country can make all the difference. I think we should all pack up and move to New Zealand. They seem to have it all sorted over there.

  2. crispina kemp

    We are wise, who do not understand and thus say nothing. I have my theories of what’s going on, which includes the line: All is not as it seems. Yet I’m not quite sure what is the truth. But I do know the Blacks were protesting peacefully when agitators arrived from out of state. I do know that CCP has sent missives to communist parties around the world, including UK and US, to advocate they use the virus as a cover for social change, to bring in world communism. Now, no matter your political bias, that’s not playing ball.

  3. dolphinwrite

    Learn about the foundation of this country. Learn why people left dictatorships, braving hardships, and looking for a new life. Learn about their difficulties through Poland, Holland, and all the way. Learn about the hundreds of years it took for this country to get it’s start, and all the people who wrote about freedom and what a real democracy should look like. Learn about what the founding fathers believed. Read the federalist papers. Read the Constitution. Read what others said about it. **Then learn about the Soviet Union. Learn about Stalin and all those people. Learn about the different forms of government. Read Nate Shiransky. Read John Locke. Read Montesque. Read about Olive North and what he went through the Iran Contra Affairs. Learn about other historical figures, but think for yourself. Then encourage others to think for themselves. Someone ask we what I believe, I ask, what do you believe. Does it matter what I believe? Okay, I’ll tell you, but if you agree with me, I’ll ask you why you agree. I still want you to think for yourself, not parrot what I say. That’s the problem with so many people today. Sheep being led to the slaughter. No one sees. Education is one thing. Real education another.

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