the classic indecisive libra

We talk of scales of justice, hanging in the balance,

Making right the wrongs of history, of movies made

That show the way we lived in black and white.

But what of technicolor futures, the places up ahead?

Surely scales are needed here, to weigh the choices to be made?

Are they not more important for the ones that follow us?

I wish that choices could be made with ease,

But brains like ours are split in two, with sides both warring,

Neither one can Trump the other, does it really matter?

Life will roll out just the way it should.

The movie’s made already, we’re all just waiting

For the director’s final cut.

Bloody hell, I’ve got a bit of a a tough decision to make. And I’m a classic Libran in that I don’t make decisions very easily. Even trying to decide what chocolate bar I want as part of my meal deal can be a real struggle.

Now I’m faced with a career decision and it feels like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. Basically, I have to decide whether I want to teach secondary or primary age children and I have to make my decision pretty sharpish.

What makes it so difficult is the very fact that I have thought so hard about both career paths and I can see pros and cons for both. I just have to bite the bullet and write my future. It’s such a big thing, but then I genuinely think our paths are already set out before us so perhaps I should just follow my heart and just trust that it’ll all be taken care of.

It’s also got me thinking about our past in the wider sense, and where we all might be travelling to in the future. It goes without saying that mistakes have been made along the way, but then we’re all still here so somebody or something must be watching over us and making sure we’re OK, right?

I do feel for the people who are in real positions of power at the moment as my little decision is nothing compared with what they are facing. They are going to be shaping the future of the world and I pray that they can take the time to look back on history and learn.

Saying that, I will be teaching kids no matter what age group I choose so I guess that I will also be shaping the future in my own little way. It just goes to show that we all have our parts to play and you can never underestimate the importance of your own role in the world.

Much Love

Rachel xx

5 thoughts on “the classic indecisive libra

  1. serenely_sanguine

    I’ve just found your blog. Only had a cursory read of a few of your posts – your letter to yourself made me cry.

    You seem like a resilient individual. Overcoming adversity. Keeping going, even when life knocks you back. Bravo you.

    I empathise – three degrees, including a PhD and working a job that doesn’t require any of them. But we do what we need to get by.

    I’ve taught primary, secondary and uni students. I’d say primary is harder in that you have to teach all subjects and it’s very hands. Older kids can be cheeky/disruptive so you have to be authoritative/disciplinarian but the debates and conversations are more engaging. Uni is a breeze (the fees make them engaged learners).

    Best of luck whatever path you choose to take. You’re a star!

      1. crispina kemp

        But you must. Take it from me. The road to hell is paved with other people’s good intentions. Walk your own road, ignore other people’s calls

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