the day the bookshops opened

We pressed our faces up against the glass,

Excited like children allowed out to play

Once the the torrential rains had passed

And mum had donned us in our wellington boots

With yellow rain coats and plastic hats.

Today we were finally allowed to venture out,

Or in, to where the pages part and colours jump

To paint a world we’ve missed for months.

The books are calling, and even though we cannot touch

We know they’re there, ready to be bagged

And taken home to love for life.

So, the shops opened here in the UK today. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it because I’m convinced that we’re going to have a second spike. Watching people cramming in through doorways with no concern for social distancing made me a a tiny bit uncomfortable.

However, I can see that there is some good in the situation. We need to get the economy moving again and this is another step in the right direction. It means that we have more freedom and something closer to normality.

I’m not really one that loves going clothes shopping but I must admit that I have missed having Primark at my disposal. Having started a new job recently it would have been nice to get a few new cheap outfits, but that was off the table.

In short, even though I’m not much of a shopping fanatic, it’s amazing how much I miss knowing I have the shops there if I ‘need’ them. It’s only when something is taken away from you, do you suddenly realise how much you like it, and how privileged you are to have it.

My one weakness when it comes to shopping is books. I do tend to buy mine from the charity shops so that I’m not breaking the bank, but nevertheless, I do love to have a wander around Waterstones every now and then. There is just something so magical about being surrounded by new books.

I didn’t rush out today to go shopping, but I just wanted to write this post to put down in words how grateful I am that I live in a place where all of these things are on my doorstep. I’ve missed them, I’m glad that they are being given back, and I hope that they are here to stay. But most of all, I hope that people learn to appreciate ‘stuff’ a bit more. I’m sure that the closing of shops has taught some people that they can make do much more than they thought they could.

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “the day the bookshops opened

  1. potatosandwich

    I heard there queues up and down Primark shops across the country. Agreed, we need to get the economy going and start spending some money to support small businesses. Books books books!!

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