parenting like a boss

I’m bringing up the kids to eat a diet

Of vegetables not cooked, and nuts.

No, I’m not nuts myself, thank you very much.

I’m pretty much the best at what I do.

My kids all go to pony club, and gym

And have a bunch of extra lessons in

French and maths and Mandarin.

No, I’m not pushy, thank you very much,

Just really good at what I do.

My little ones will crush your kids

And then you’ll wish you’d brought them up

In just the way that I have done.

I’m watching far too much TV at the moment and one of my new favourites is Britain’s Best Parents. It’s basically a show where parents compete each other to be crowned the best. They all have differing parenting styles and once the audience have had the chance to watch them in action they vote for who they think are the best.

A lot of the parents are quite extreme and it’s quite interesting to see how different they are and how their children are turning out. But the entertainment seems to come from the arguments the parents have over why they see themselves as the very best.

And they really do think that they are the best.

I find it a little bit cringey to watch but I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from it. And now that I am working in a school with four and five year olds I am seeing the personalities of these children starting to shine through.

I think all parenting styles have something good to offer but I’m finding the ones who tell their children that they are perfect and the best a little hard to stomach. I think that children need to learn that the world doesn’t owe them anything and even hard work isn’t always going to lead to success.

If I was going to go on that show I think that my main message would be to teach children to be nice. Most four year olds haven’t learnt how to be really mean to each other and it’s a pleasure to watch them play. I wish we could parent them in a way that keeps them like that. Being nice and if you fall out, be quick to forgive.

Much Love


3 thoughts on “parenting like a boss

  1. crispina kemp

    There used to be a fierce debate about whether nurture or nature formed the child into the adult they became. It’s now agreed that both play a part.
    So when I look at how my tribe have turned out, I can say… well, the best bits are because of parenting skills and the worst are due to their father’s genetics. 🙂

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