a father’s day message

Dads don’t need to be the heroes in capes and pants,

The manly men that guzzle beer and watch the footy.

They can be great and still be quietly

Working hard, behind the scenes,

Making sure that life just ticks along.

My dad hasn’t competed at the Olympics or been on a soap. He isn’t the CEO of a big company and he’s not a brave police officer, risking life and limb with every shift.

However, he does quietly crack on with the job in hand. He never moans and he has dedicated his life to making sure that his family have been provided for.

Some people need the drama and the big achievements and big gestures. I’m quite content with slow and steady and like most girls out there, I really do think my dad’s the best.

I hope you have all had a lovely Father’s Day and even if you don’t have a dad to spoil, for whatever reason, I hope that you have some family or loved ones nearby to enjoy the day with.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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