weird crushes

I feel my heartbeat quicken when

I see the room remains disinterested.

I cannot be the only girl who finds

This man to be a perfect match?

Surely, someone else must close their eyes and dream

Of naughty things that could be done

With this man that oozes intellect

Even though he may not be a stud.

I have so many weird crushes. They type of men that make people raise an eyebrow when I bring up the fact that I think that they’re quite nice. I was starting to think that I was a bit odd until I found a Top Trumps card game with pictures of weird crushes and half of my ‘list’ was in the pack.

I realise that this is a bit of a ditzy subject to be writing about, but I’m a bit hot and bothered and my brain isn’t functioning well enough to write about anything heavy. So really the only topic that I could think of was ‘boys’.

I first realised that my crushes were a bit weird when nearly every celebrity I fancied at school ended up coming out as gay. Then, as I got older, I started to like the men who were either a little bit nerdy or much older. Eventually, it became a bit of a joke and now I’m just known for this quirk.

My favourites at the moment are Louis Theroux because he is adorable and then the top of my list is Tom Selleck (particularly at the time that he played Richard in Friends.)

It has become so much of a joke that I have had friends make birthday cakes with a Selleck theme and I have been known to photoshop us into the same pictures. I can’t believe I’ve just admitted all of this on the internet, but there you go.

I hope that you don’t think anything less of me, and if you have a weird crush, don’t worry, I understand.

Much Love

Rachel xx

17 thoughts on “weird crushes

  1. juliadeniro

    It’s okay; I have weird crushes too. I love actors in their 50s and 60s; when you’re a movie star, you can still look hot during that part of your life.

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