the glastonbury experience

We cling together underneath a man made forest

Of rainbow umbrellas and plastic macs,

Knowing we should hate these moments,

Cold and soaked to puckered skin.

But something holds us there and fills our hearts

And minds with force, maybe God?

Something bigger than any of us, vibrating through

The crowd that sways to music meaning

More than any words can say.

I’ve never been to Glastonbury, but oh, how I would love to go. I work in a service station on the A303 which is the main road that goes down to Glastonbury. So I see all of the festival goers as they pass through and I feel so jealous of what they are about to experience.

I’m not even the kind to like being around people, I love nothing more than being at home on my sofa with nobody bothering me. So all of those crowds seem to be in total opposition to what I need in life.

But there is something about that collective experience that would be magical to even the most die hard of introverts. It’s the singing along and the emotion and the joy that brings goosebumps to my skin.

I’ve not been to many festivals or concerts but I actually get quite emotional every time I’m at one because I feel like I’m connecting with everyone around me on a level I don’t normally feel in every day life. I even cried at the Disneyland light show because I could feel something bigger than myself, wrapping their arms around the whole audience of thousands. It felt as though our hearts were beating as one. If you can get that from the Lion King then I can only imagine what you must get from seeing a great artist at Glastonbury.

I hope that you are enjoying watching all of the old Glastonbury moments on TV this weekend and I hope that when this horrible virus is under control, that we can all gather together and have more magical moments.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “the glastonbury experience

  1. crispina kemp

    You’re not alone, I’ve never been to the festival either, though several holidays in Glastonbury itself. I don’t do crowds. I’d love the music.. but at a cost

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