the world and its puppetmasters

He lurks in shadows tucked behind the curtains,

Red and heavy velvet, keeping out the light.

The strings he pulls are taut and cut through skin

And puppets dare not struggle or to pull away

For fear of losing arm or leg or heart and soul.

We do as puppetmasters say, no arguing,

For those of us that take to glaring stage,

We have no power in this world, we’re pushed around

And told we are the good girls they rely upon,

When really we’re just there for fun,

For entertaining chosen ones.

I’m currently watching the things that are going on with the Jeffrey Epstein case in a constant state of shock and disapproval. I happened to start watching the Netflix documentary at the same time that Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested so I was bombarded with a lot of information as soon as I started looking into it.

I find the facts really vile and my heart goes out to any of the women who suffered because of his behaviour. But it is the behaviour that fascinates me the most. Jeffrey and the men that surrounded him seemed to have zilch worries about what was going on and to an empath like me, it’s really hard to understand how this is possible.

Epstein was described as a narcissist and he was the ultimate puppetmaster. He seemed to believe that he was in ultimate control and nobody else’s feelings even registered in his mind.

I, on the other hand, feel so much that I often find myself backing away from the things I want because I’m worried that it will upset or inconvenience others. I sometimes feel like I have no power in the world and I’m just at the mercy of the ‘powerful’ people in my life.

I wonder how different my life would have been if I had just a small percentage of the confidence that these men had? They used it for absolute evil but could I have used it for good, or are we just wired to go a bit crazy if we’re given too much power?

If you’re a bit like me, and feel that you have no rights in the world, remember that you do and that you are a good person. There are people out there that don’t give a damn about others and they think that they have absolute control. Make sure that you have the knowledge held within that you are worthy of your own opinions and your own determination over the direction of your life.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “the world and its puppetmasters

  1. Christopher Perry

    What we see deserves no sympathy for those who take joy from manipulation, but I wonder at what forms this need to exploit others.

    The only thing that jarred me in your post was using this man’s first name. Using a person’s first name confers a respect that he ill-deserves. Did he find salvation in killing himself? The only person able to save himself and others from himself, or was it fear of being brutalised in the prospective years in prison?

    1. patientandkindlove

      I agree that he doesn’t deserve any respect, even in death. I feel for all those women that have been left with no answers and no sense of justice. The whole thing is very sad and makes me very angry.

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