dancing with the stars

The music doesn’t drift, it hammers through the air,

With particles punching at the skin, as shoes

Tight and painful buckle at the ankles.

Even the dress, that waterfalls with rhinestone jewels

That makes the crowd just gasp with undivided joy,

Even that just makes me sigh with utter disappointment,

Knowing that the man across the floor

Will take a bow in three minutes twenty-six

Seconds of an artful swirl of high delirium.

But then his grip will tighten on my arm,

The smile will fade and grimace will replace.

Always know that there behind the glitz and glam,

There always lies a darker side.

4 thoughts on “dancing with the stars

  1. Christopher Perry

    This is a fearsome piece of writing. Dress for yourself without fear or favour – were this not just a dream. We must teach our sons to love beauty not to desire possession.

    1. patientandkindlove

      Going back to a former workplace can feel so chilling. It’s almost like returning to the scene of a crime. It can be very therapeutic though, knowing you’ve survived and come out the other side.

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