just. slow. down

cars on road in city during night time

I was always captivated by that music video,

Ray of Light, I think it was called,

Where Madonna cavorts while the world moves fast,

Far too fast for anyone to keep the pace.

She somehow slows it down at will

And I always wished that I could do that too,

Just take a breath and stop for a day.

But that video was nonsense and the people don’t stop

So I just keep going and pray

That I don’t burn out again.

I do sometimes wish that I could take a break without there being any consequences. It always seems that you are expected to keep going even though you are struggling. And for me it normally ends in burn out and I have to take time off work. It’s embarrassing and it’s normally quite traumatic to reach that point.

I started thinking about this, not because I’m reaching break down point, but because I went for a long run yesterday, and it gave me three hours to slow down.

Going for a run of that length always gives me time to get rid of all those panicky thoughts and it’s like a holiday from the world. I see all of the cars rushing by as people go to work, but I feel like I am not a part of that as I push my body as far as it will go.

I also notice more things when I’m running. Driving to places is quick and convenient, but going on foot you notice the plants and the trails and the bridges that you normally pass without a second thought.

Yesterday I ran around our local hospital on a trail that was called Squirrel Wood. Not only is that another amazing place name that I’ve come across recently, but I found this beautiful trail that I had no idea existed. And yet, I’ve driven past it so many times, oblivious to the fact it’s there.

I hope that you have something in your life that gives you time out. It’s super important, unless you are like Madonna and have the ability to slow the world down at will….

Much Love

Rachel xx

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