the very flat and very boring rollercoaster

The peaks and troughs have evened out,

I barely even need to wear the belt,

But at what point does it all become a little boring?

A little safe?

Is it even possible to spice it up again

Without causing quite the awful accident?

I’ve had quite a few bits of good news recently and in the past I would be celebrating hard and living my best life. But right now, although I feel content, I don’t have that manic high that I used to experience.

And what is the thing that has caused this? Sobriety.

Some would say that I’ve taken all of the fun out of my life. And I do really miss those amazing highs when things went well. But what goes up must always come down, and I always came down with quite a traumatic bump. If anything, it was more of a splat.

Now that I have a couple of years of sobriety under my belt, things have smoothed out. And you know what? I wouldn’t swap it back. I’m quite happy to have lost those amazing highs, just so I know that I never need to go splat again.

Much Love

Rachel xx

5 thoughts on “the very flat and very boring rollercoaster

    1. patientandkindlove

      It’s nice to explain what’s in my head a bit more thoroughly. Poetry is great but everyone puts their own interpretation onto it and I always wanted to show my own story behind it. I hope people like it.

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