swings in roundabouts

We’ll spin and spin until your world

Is streaked with greens and reds and blues.

Lines will blur and when they sharpen once again

The other kids will start to push

And life will take on tipsy hues.

I don’t believe in karma as such, but I do believe that life swings in roundabouts. Good things come into your life and at the same time, bad things seep in at the edges too.

I’ve had so much good news recently but just today I’ve had a shit load of difficult stuff to deal with. Nothing that could send me spiralling out of control, but enough to rattle me.

I don’t know about other people but two of my weaknesses are money and paperwork. I worry about money all of the time, even when there isn’t anything to worry about. And paperwork stresses me out in a way that is totally unnecessary. It’s not like I have any trouble understanding or filling out the questions, I just hate it!

And today I have been flooded with paperwork that HAS to be done ASAP. And then, my car failed its MOT and it will cost about £500 to get it fixed. My eyes are watering.

But, I’m working on myself and I’ve sat for a whole hour doing the paperwork. And it’s all done and it’s such a relief. And tomorrow I will leave my car at the garage, pay the bill and forget that the money even existed.

Things do swing in roundabouts and I need to enjoy the good bits and just ride through the bad bits. I believe in a Christian God who will be there no matter what, but even if you don’t I think that it’s important to believe in something bigger than you. Something that will have your back AND hold you accountable.

Let go and Let God.

Much Love

Rachel xx

7 thoughts on “swings in roundabouts

      1. Greg Dennison

        I hope so. Given the COVID19 situation here, things are going to keep getting worse for a long time, and my state government’s reaction feels to me like punishing the innocent for what other people are doing.

  1. crispina kemp

    Wouldn’t live be boring if it all went swimmingly. Then where would the challenges be?
    Well, that’s one way of looking at it. Works for me.
    I wish you well, as ever

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